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Floor Service


Dolly Duster can handle all your floor needs – carpet steam cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, grout and tile cleaning, stripping and waxing if needed.




Dolly Duster uses only the finest floor products to powerfully clean vinyl, ceramic

and tile floors with no sticky residue for a safe and clean finish.


Unlike many floor cleaning products, Pledge® FloorCare Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner leaves no sticky residue that can trap dirt and dull your floor. It’s oil free and specially formulated to powerfully—but safely—clean your floor, leaving nothing but a natural luster and a fresh citrus fragrance.


The Dirt Stops Here

Does it seem as if dirt walks right through your front door? Discover some very smart tricks to cut down your cleaning time by half and get on to what you’d rather be doing — like having fun!


Don’t be a doormat. Instead, buy one! It’s your best protection against shoe grime. In fact, get two for each door—inside and out. Walk-off mats (such as those used in hospitals and supermarkets) can control dust and are best for outside the door. You can buy them in home improvement stores or online. For indoors, choose nylon or olefin in a color that matches your décor.


Use mop-up mats. Cut your cleaning time down by installing mats in spill-prone areas: around sinks, fridge, tub and toilet. Instead of always cleaning the floor, just shake the mats outdoors or hang them on a clothesline and beat with a stick!


Limit your entrances. On high-activity days and especially when gardening, use only one entrance. Sure, the dirt, grime, sand and dust will pile up more, but it will be easier to clean if it’s all in one place.


Make a mudroom. Create a room near your entrance where everyone drops his or her sandy towels and muddy shoes. Then establish a no-shoes policy and have clean slippers ready for guests. They’ll love it!


Paws control. Before pets have a chance to track in wet or muddy paw prints, leave a clean rag near the door to wipe off paws and claws immediately.


Ceiling Fans. Keep that blanket of fuzz off ceiling fan blades with Pledge® Dust & Allergen Dry Cloths. (Make sure the fan is off before cleaning!)



Pet-Proof Your Floors

Protect your floors from the mess created by the dog (and cat) days of summer.

As the weather warms up, your back door may seem more like a revolving door with pets running in and out. That constant foot traffic can track in dirt and mud that wreak havoc on your carpets and flooring. Here are some smart tips to help keep your floors looking terrific all season long.


Wipe those feet—all four of them. It’s unavoidable that your pet will track in dirt if he has been outside, so try to prevent him from getting past the threshold. Consider creating a “buffer” zone near the door, with a heavy-duty water-trapper doormat. It will help loosen the dirt between your pet’s footpads as he walks over it and will reduce the amount of dirt that winds up inside. Mats like this can be bought at home-improvement stores. When you take your dog for a walk, bring along some damp paper towels in a Ziploc® bag so you can wipe off muddy paws before they carry it back inside.


No more clicky-clacky. Soften the effect of claws on hardwood floors. Ask your vet about vinyl caps that slide over your cat or dog’s sharp nails. They’re harmless to your pets and help prevent damage to your floors. Or invest in a good clipper and snip your pet’s nails as you groom them. Be sure to check with your veterinarian for tips on the proper way to trim your pet’s nails. Consider trimming some of the extra hair between the pads as well because it can trap dirt and dust, which could then end up on your floors.


Dress code: coat and tails. If it seems as if there’s pet hair all over your floors and rugs in warmer weather, you may be tempted to shave off your pet’s coat. But keep in mind that it’s an insulator that also helps prevent sunburn and overheating. On the other hand, a matted coat may trap heat, attract parasites and cause skin problems. A trip to the groomer for a shorter summer clip to limit the amount of hair—plus a good brushing every day—will make both of you a lot happier.


Splish splash. Your pets need to drink a lot more water to stay hydrated as the mercury climbs. Be sure to refill their water bowls several times a day. Your thirsty pup, however, may splatter water all over your kitchen floors. A tip-proof bowl is a must, as is a rubber mat to help keep the bowl in place and catch any displaced water.

If you have sealed stone, sealed tile, linoleum or vinyl floors, you can further protect them with a coat of Pledge® Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future® Shine, which provides a beautifully transparent and long-lasting shine that stands up to the wear and tear that pets can hand out.


Don’t let your carpets go to the dogs. Summer rains can bring the unappealing scent of “eau de wet dog” to your carpets. Keep a towel handy by the door to wipe off paws and wring moisture from your dog’s coat before your pet comes in. Offensive odors on carpet? Spray with Glade® Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator. It eliminates pet odors without just masking and leaves behind a light, fresh scent.

If muddy paw prints make it onto your uncarpeted floors, despite your best efforts, clean them up easily with Pledge® Clean & Shine Multi Surface Floor Cleaner. It works great on vinyl, ceramic tile, linoleum, sealed wood and laminated floors. Roll up the rugs. Think about rolling up your good rugs and storing them for the summer. Temporarily replace them with inexpensive natural-fiber rugs made of jute, sisal or sea grass—a summery delight for bare feet, whether you have two or four!


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